The Woman In White Read-Along

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have had Wilkie Collins' The Woman In White on my book shelf for like five years and is starting to collect dust. Therefore, when I saw a read-along scheduled for April I decided it was now or never -- plus I love the banner!  I did see a Masterpiece Theater of The Woman In White and can personally say that it involves no ghosts! but something relatively close all the same.  

April 9th - Preface through Chapter XV, The End of Hartright's Narrative

April 16th - Beginning of Vincent Gilmore's Narrative through Chapter IX in The Second Epoch

April 23rd - Chapter X, Second Epoch through Chapter X, Third Epoch

April 30th - Finish

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  1. I've also joined this challenge Whitney!

  2. Oh, this is not fair! None of us other participants has any idea what this book is about! We were actually amazed just how little we knew...But you say there's something close to a ghost? How excited I suddenly am ;)

  3. I'm very excited to hear that there is something vaguely resembling a ghost in the book!

    I still have no idea what the book's about, and I've already started reading it.



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